Horse Livery Services

At Low Close we provide a caring and professional livery service for all our horses and clients based upon each horse's needs and your preferences, since we believe that every horse is an individual with his/her own needs and likes.

We offer full or part livery so that our clients can choose what they want for themselves.

We have a range of stables based around a yard believed to date from 1723, and also some boxes in a modern barn system.

The horses have all year round turnout in small groups or individual turnout if required.

The turnout provides excellent grazing in level, well-fenced pastures which are not crowded and which have droppings picked mechanically and are topped or harrowed.

We feed hay or haylage, whichever you prefer, together with your choice of hard feed. We also use your choice of bedding.

Our prices are totally transparent with no hidden extras, and, for example, we do not charge for items such as:

  • Arranging or visit from: Vet, Farrier, Dentist
  • Routine care, eg. application / administration of medicines, drugs and wormers
  • Rug changing
  • Washing legs / picking feet out
  • Use of any of our stable facilities
  • Parking and storage of trailers and horseboxes
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Horse Facilities

Low Close Stables offers excellent grazing in level, well-fenced pastures, a large all weather sand school and separate lunging training area.